Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was so impressed. I was looking for a chiropractor to help with some issues I was having with my hip. Came in to see Dr. K based on the reviews. He is outstanding. He explained everything thoroughly and was even able to predict what was probably the issue even before fully conducting his examination, which only confirmed what he already knew. His prices are very reasonable, and he has a wonderful personality that immediately put me at ease. I walked away feeling so much better. I will definitely be going back to see him."

- E.S.

"I’ve been having on and off back pain since I got hit by a car 10 years ago but it started to worse when I became pregnant with my 2nd and 3rd child. My lower back pain would feel like a sharp stabbing but it would always be on my left side, I felt my left leg get numb and get that feeling I needed to crack it in order to release the weird pressure I was feeling. I came to see this doctor after reading the reviews and honestly the reviews did not lie! The doctor listens to every concern you have and is tentative as well. He explains every process that he is doing and what you will feel so you won’t get scared of what is going on. And his wife Is such a sweet heart she manages the scheduling prefect I swear I never have to wait when I get to the office I’m seen right away. The office vibe is so calm and peaceful very relaxing. Since I been coming to get treatment I feel so so so much better. I feel my back is getting straighter and I’m able to work out without feeling my lower back pain. I know the treatment is working and I highly recommend his office! I also expressed to the doctor that I have bloating that I want to get rid of and he recommended some supplements so I will update on this when I see results. Also I have gallstones for about 2 years and I was not able to get them removed due to my pregnancy and the doctor recommended me another supplement and I feel like they are working the first 2 nights I had a gallstone attack which I brought up with the doctor and he informed me that the supplements are working which makes me honestly happy! Also if pricing is a concern it is honestly not bad the doctor provides you with payment options so that is very helpful! I will update once my treatment is completed!!"

- Alejandra V.

"Great Doctor in Van Nuys, feeling much better with my shoulder pain and general health! Very knowledgable and answers any questions you might have!"

- Oscar V.

"I had neck pain with tingling in my arm when I looked down for the past 9 months. I was not able to get relief through medical and physical therapy treatments. After my first visit with Dr. Keshavarz ( Dr. K) I felt significant relief in my pain and tingling and my neck moves much better now. I think he is a great chiropractor in the Van Nuys area."

- Sam A.

"I have been suffering from neck and shoulder pain. Dr. K is a knowledgeable doctor that listened to my concerns. I felt immediate improvement after my adjustment. Dr. K is also very knowledgeable in functional medicine and has helped me tremendously with my other issues. I’m very happy I’ve found this doctor!"

- Nick O.

"Dr. K is a very dedicated chiropractor, he is been helping me with my wrist injury, and hips, and I have noticed well recovery. Since he is very professional and takes care of every patient, I really recommend him. Now my husband is also coming and getting treatment for what he needs."

- Judith G.

"We highly recommend Dr. K! He is a gifted healer, intelligent, skilled and compassionate. He carefully explains everything in a clear way, and truly cares for each person. Dr. K is also an expert in Nutraceuticals to restore the immune system. He is absolutely the best!"

- Terry and Linda J.

"Dr. K, saved my day, went in with a bad shoulder with pain way over 10 on the pain scale and in just three visits my pain was almost gone. I highly recommend him to all my friends and family! Keep up the good work Dr. K and thanks for healing my shoulder."

- Tony T.

"I have been coming to Dr. Keshavarz for my scoliosis pain and it's been nothing but amazing. Overtime my back pain has significantly decreased, especially the trigger points. It always feels like a relaxing spa with different chairs for muscle relief. Such a nice guy too, knows my back like the palm of his hand at this point. I will continue using his services. Thanks Dr. K!!!"

- Edita S.

"Excellent service, the discomfort I had disappeared after the first visit. Welcoming treatment."

- Ricardo P.

"Dr. K was personable, warm, attentive and thorough. He took ample time to explain things in detail through each steps which was crucial and very comforting. Along with his friendly wife tending the front desk, this office checks all the boxes!"

- Luke K.

"I walked out of Dr. K's chiropractic center feeling 100% better than when I came in. I was in a car accident 2 months prior to my visit here and Dr. K gave a customized adjustment. I'd been dealing with lower back discomfort for years and he told me the reason of it and even though it was my first time here I agreed to start a program that would fix my problem. I'm normally not one to overshare but I know how hard it is to find a chiropractor you can trust and Dr. K is just that."

- Ayamel B.

"Dr. Milad has so much love for his profession that you feel that in the first instant you meet him. He is never rushing your appointment, answers all your questions and gives you tons of info for you to consider. I'm so glad he is taking care of me. His prices are very accessible and his professionalism is top of the line! Thanks Doc!"

- Sara R.


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