Gut Restoration in Van Nuys

Gut Restoration in Van Nuys CA

What is the purpose/goal of the service you are offering?

The gastrointestinal (GI) tract directly interacts with our external environment via the foods we eat. Our GI tract has two main functions. First, it absorbs nutrients that are vital in maintaining our health. Second, it has a protective immune system that shields us from bacteria, viruses, and other foreign invaders. The GI tract is lined by a layer of specialized cells called the "mucosal layer."

Our gut restoration program in Van Nuys helps address issues related to gut health & food intolerance. This is done by the following 6 steps

  • A Dietary Plan: using a food plan to support mucosal health and identifying and removing reactive foods
  • Digestive enzymes to support the GI tract's ability to break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates
  • Healthy microbial environment: supporting a healthy and diverse intestinal microbial environment
  • Mucosal support: helping the body restore a healthy mucosal layer
  • Proper hepatic clearing: supporting healthy phase I, II & III detoxification
  • Immune support: helping the body in maintaining healthy immune regulatory function and immune tolerance

What can a patient expect during a visit for that particular service?

During the initial visit, the patient completes a metabolic assessment form followed by a dietary history taken by Dr. Keshavarz in Van Nuys. An individualized program of care will be created to address the patient's underlying GI concerns. There are multiple clinical tools such as food sensitivity testing, and a comprehensive metabolic panel in the form of blood tests that can be utilized to enhance the specific care recommended to the patient.

How is the service offered at your office in Van Nuys CA different than at other clinics?

There are many approaches taken by practitioners that are incomplete and fail to fully resolve the patient's underlying issues. Our program at Dr. K Chiropractic & Functional Medicine Center is unique by taking the time to truly discover the root cause or offending agent triggering the illness the patient is experiencing. By knowing the root cause, we are able to help patients restore their GI health.

If you're suffering from GI-related issues, contact us for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Keshavarz of Dr. K Chiropractic & Functional Medicine Center in Van Nuys.


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