21-Day Detox Program in Van Nuys

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There are increasing demands on our bodies than ever before. These demands are brought on by increasing pollution in the air, water and food supply, as well as mental and emotional stressors that affect our well-being. The overall effect is a "toxic cocktail" that can weaken our minds and body. External toxins result from environmental exposures, while internal toxicity occurs from the production of metabolic wastes as a result of the body's biochemical processes as well as hurtful (toxic) emotions and emotional memories stored in the psyche, which in time, can undermine our health.

Our 21-Day Detox support program in Van Nuys is specifically designed to integrate 3 key approaches to achieve its goal:

  1. Dietary support of the body's detoxification processes by elimination of known dietary triggers and an emphasis on whole foods.
  2. Lifestyle practices that lower the body's daily toxic load as well as supporting overall health outcomes.
  3. Support of the liver pathways.

What to Expect from our Detox Program

Our 21-Day Detox support program begins with a thorough health history and metabolic assessment. If you're deemed to be a good candidate for the program, then you're scheduled for the first session. The dietary, lifestyle and detox support approaches are explained in detail in a session that typically runs for 30 minutes.

The program includes email support for the entire duration of the program to answer any questions that may come up. Also, the program includes weekly follow up sessions where you are sitting down with Dr. Keshavarz to assess your progress as you are going through the detox program.

At the completion of the program, the doctor may make additional recommendations on ways to improve your overall well-being beyond the detox program.

A Doctor Supervised Program Designed Just For You

There are many varieties of detox programs in the market, some of which are as short as 3 days and some are as long as 30 days. Regardless of the length of the program, it is critical to have doctor supervision for the duration of the program. What makes our program incredibly unique is that our 21-Day Detox program is entirely designed by our doctor and fully Doctor-supervised.

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