Wellness Workshops

Chiropractic Van Nuys CA Wellness Workshops

Our informative and engaging wellness workshops at Dr. K Chiropractic & Functional Medicine Center are designed to help patients gain insight and understanding of the root causes of their ailments and how to address them without the use of medications and/or surgery. From patient orientation to detox, gut health, sleep, diabetes and cardiac health lectures, there's plenty of opportunity to learn about health & wellness. And most importantly, at Dr. K Chiropractic & Functional Medicine Center, these lectures are free of charge.

The patient orientation lecture is highly recommended for new patients who have never experienced chiropractic care. This lecture explores what health means and how to get healthier by identifying the triggers and causes of ill health.

The detox diet / supplement lecture outlines sources of toxicity (internal & external) in our environment. Our 21-day detox program has been designed to support the body's detoxification pathways along with the lifestyle & dietary changes necessary to restore health.

The diabetes solutions presentation is one of our most popular lectures and discusses how our unique natural approach has been helping many diabetics lower their blood sugar and A1c and over time be able to reduce or eliminate the need for medications and to restore health.

If you're interested in attending one or more of these lectures, feel free to contact us and you'll be able to register for an upcoming lecture at Dr. K Chiropractic & Functional Medicine Center in Van Nuys.


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